Managed Services

For over twenty years, RAD has provided innovative, cost effective and scalable solutions to our customers.  Customers which inculde federal and regional governments, leading technology companies and major financial organizations.  Our application hosting services are customized to specifically match our clients' business needs.  Whether you require dedicated servers, custom networks, virtual platforms, backup & disaster recovery or purpose built environment we have the solution for you.

Application Hosting:

We provide our customers more than just infrastructure reliability, we focus on fault tolerance and ensure our customers' sites and data are recoverable.  Our extensive engineering capabilities allow us to build complete, secure environments to address any hosting needs you may have.  RAD understands that good design means good business.  As a result, we take every possible step to apply strong architectural patterns that are proven and comply with open standards.  At RAD, we leverage an iterative process to refine our approach over time.  As we gain a deeper understanding of our client's environment and requirements, we refine our solutions to better satisfy the business needs of our clients.  We are proud of our ability to ramp quickly and solve difficult problems against challenging deadlines, incrementally improving as we go.

High Availability:

We provide services from several co-located facilities including Canada's premiere Internet hotel, each facility provides access to effectively uncapped bandwidth, redundant power feeds, N+1 power generation capacity, cooling, and connectivity.  RAD has all the instruments and expertise to host out of a single facility or deploy solutions co-located across the globe.  RAD is a proven supplier of mission-critical applications and managed infrastructure to clients across North America.  Our diverse customer base affords on-going insight into ever-changing information and communication technologies, enabling us to design state-of-the-art solutions that are highly available, reliable, and scalable.  Everyday major corporations rely on RAD to provide architecture, development, integration, and support for the dilivery of their services to both their internal and external customers.

Network Administration:

RAD provides provisioning, deployment, testing and monitoring of all networking devices including routers, switches, firewalls, load-balancers and storage networks.  Our monitoring solutions runs constantly and alerts support staff as utilization approaches critical thresholds.  Monitoring is provided from both local and remote systems to ensure both private and public interfaces are active, accessible and working within expected performance guidelines.  Our Windows, Linux, security, Cisco, network, and SAN engineers can skillfully configure routing tables and secured access as needed.  Our extensive engineering capabilities allow us to build complete, secure environments to address any hosting needs you may have.

Hardware Administration:

At RAD we closely monitor all system components to identify and resolve potential issues before they happen.  By engaging RAD you can be assured of: highest uptime levels possible, web existence and response time for multiple locations, early identification of memory utilization, available disk space, CPU & RAM utilization etc.  We monitor and proactively manage firewalls, individual systems, system hardware health, network connectivity, and the diverse multi-homed Internet connections.  RAD uses an ITIL compliant incident tracking and reporting system and escalation process to ensure all issues are handled in the quickest possible time and to ensure all parties remain informed of the state and resolution of all incidents.  Our network operations team responds to issues 24x7x365 and works diligently and efficiently to resolve issues when they arise.

Software Administration:

We manage operating systems and applications.  Software application management includes the provisioning, testing and deployment of security patches, service packs, upgrades, and revisions.  We can provide valuable insight into your site and server performance, traffic patterns, disk space, and other variables through state-of-the-art monitoring software and hardware.


To mitigate security threats RAD employs industry's most potent security tools and techniques.  We offer a comprehensive suite of security procedures and tools to ensure physical, network, and system security.  Our monitoring system tracks all key system indicators and sends alerts when anything is detected outside of normal operating thresholds.  Logs from firewalls, switches, physical servers, and virtual machines are captured on a centralized Security Event and Incident Management (SEIM) server that meet industry best practices.  We have designed our processes to address the specific needs of Enterprise Internet initiatives.

Load Balancing:

RAD can efficiently distribute your client requests across multiple servers ensuring high availability and reliability by sending requests to online servers only.  Our monitoring system tracks resource usage and provides data to analyze the cause and mitigate it when and if necessary by increasing resource assignments before the exhaustion of the affected resource.  In most cases, resource allocation during peak periods can be dynamically increased without the need to restart any services or reboot the server.  This includes things like assigning more RAM, additional CPU resources, increasing the allocated network bandwidth to the Internet, etc.  With RAD you have the flexibility to add or subtract servers as required by your business.

Backups & Recovery:

As your partners we want your operations to be functional at all times and our backup and recovery services can help you achieve 99.9% uptime.  We provide analysis of the current backup strategy, optimization of backup procedures, creation of clone scripts, configuration of disaster recovery solutions and documentation of backup/ recovery procedures.  Additionally, we actively monitor and maintain the software firewall such that it remains effective as an additional layer of security.

Business Continuity:

RAD can assist you with disaster recovery planning and mitigation.  Our skilled team can help carefully lay out a business continuity plan to make it easier to cope in a crisis situation.  RAD currently maintains a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan as defined within the ISO 17799/27002 standard.  Each component of the disaster recovery plan is tested throughout each year.  We analyze the effectiveness of the components and our ability to respond.  We can analyse the probability and consequences of business downtime and can suggest a plan to minimize the potential impact.  To further ensure business continuity we maintain hot standby servers both locally and at our secondary data centre.

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